Wait, a How I Met Your Mother-Themed Cards Against Humanity Deck Exists? Challenge Accepted

I’ve never been more excited for game night than I am now that I’ve discovered that there’s a How I Met Your Mother-themed Cards Against Humanity deck calling my name on BOXGAMEFUN. The deck — which memorializes all the fun times had by Ted, Barney, and the crew on the CBS sitcom — was created by the same vendor that made the Friends-themed game the internet had a meltdown over a few months ago. Like that one, this deck isn’t actually affiliated with Cards Against Humanity, though the cards all still look very similar to the fill-in-the-blank card game. It comes with 300 cards: 70 black cards with questions and 230 white cards with answers. All of the questions and answers are based on memorable storylines and quotes from the show. You can go ahead and buy the game on Amazon for $33, and get your game night invite list ready ASAP.

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